Self Build Homes in Scotland

Self Build Homes in Scotland – More Than Just a Pipe Dream

What was once just a feature on property development programmes is now becoming more and more popular – self build homes in Scotland are now more before you know it.

At McKernan homes we have years of experience when it comes to building houses.  Actually, they are now houses, they are homes and there is a big difference.  To us building houses is often just about using the same plan time and time again and building faceless buildings that lack personality or any unique features.  We like to do things a little differently. 

Self build homes in Scotland are all about injecting a little bit of your own personality into your home.  For example, you might like a particular window style or a particular roof tile type.  We are always open to ideas and give you the freedom to express your creativity.  You can even change the layout of your home if you wish.  This is what sets us apart from other providers of self build homes in Scotland and we would be delighted to speak to you about your ideas today.

Nobody else understands the importance of building a unique and amazing property as much as us.  We have years of experience and our team is dedicated to ensuring that you are completely thrilled with the design we plan out for you (with your help of course).  There is nothing better than seeing your home take shape.  We encourage you to come and visit, to take photos, to ask questions and to build the excitement towards the day we finally hand you the keys to your home. 

Self build homes in Scotland are attainable and you could be moving into yours very soon.  Don’t buy a boring two up two down when we give you so many more options.  We select some of the best locations in Scotland near to the amenities you need.  From rural retreats to city apartments, we offer a wealth of choice when it comes to choosing your dream home.  Speak to us today about how you can have a big hand in the design of your home.